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I’ve been hugely inspired by living in the Philippines, from the creative talent of the local artisans to the many social enterprises that have been set up here. This ultimately led me to explore ways of developing a more socially responsible approach within my business.
I was able to reach out to GKonomics - a platform that brings together social entrepreneurs to work with underprivileged communities to create sustainable livelihoods.
And with their help I am now working with a community of woman artisans in Palanog, Tabloban. A city that became forever associated with the natural disaster of Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013.
To help in creating a sustainable livelihood for these women I teach them new skills in jewellery making. They are then able to help produce my designs and are provided with a supplemental income that helps to improve their quality of life.
In their own words they want “Tacloban to be known for more than just poverty and disaster. For the world to see our artistry and what we can offer”.

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